HOLI- Colourful or Colourless

Holi is a festival of colours, most of us like to play with colours and enjoy the festival and the spring season. So does Sarala, she is an eight-year-old Hyperactive and mischievous girl loves the festival of colours and is drenched in colours when her mother called her and said “Sarala, come-on get ready, we have to go to the temple as well”. It is Sarala’s Birthday today on the day of Holi, eight years ago she was born on the day of this festival, and it’s Holi again on her birthday. This is one more reason for her to love the festival of colours.

7 years later…. “Sarala is good in studies, she knows Knitting and stitching as well. She can cook basic food like Daal, Rice, Roti and a couple of vegetable curries,” said her grandmother. They are talking about getting Salara married to Gopal. He was a simple person, A Government employee working in a small town near his village, not very far from his parents.

By next year Salara and Gopal were married, Sarala moved to the Town with Gopal, she was very happy in the new place, Gopal was understanding. He always tried to help Sarala and ignored her mistakes. Sarala always tried to learn new thing, be it a new dish for the weekend brunch or a new sweater design. They both made a good couple. They made new friends too, who were always there to help when needed. After a couple of years, they had a baby boy and named him Ashutosh.

Within few months It was Holi again and Sarala was excited just like an eight-year-old girl and her happiness was reflected through her eyes. Soon here excitement and happiness vanished when she heard about his husband Gopal’s death because of an accident. He was on his way back to home from a friend’s place. He had gone to meet and greet on the occasion of Holi.

Sarala took up all the responsibilities in no time, including Financial Responsibilities. Her mother-in-law came to help her. She took care of Ashutosh when Sarala went to school. She had taken up the job of a teacher. She was very good at work. Back at home she was struggling to cope up with new things every day. But she managed there as well. being a single mother was tiering as well as being a Daughter-in-law too. She had moved out with her husband soon after they got married and she had to live with her MIL who was neither modern nor understanding.

Ashutosh grew up to be an understanding and polite person, he also had some qualities that he inherited from his Grandmother. Time passed and so did Sarala’s MIL. In few years, Ashutosh got married to Vamsi. She was serene at heart but, loved to ask questions and often people were left speechless by her questions. Sarala had to take care of the Vamsi as a small child, she used to teach her all household chores. Vamsi was good in studies and had applied for master’s degree for which she had to move out and stay in a hostel. While Ashutosh was not happy with this decision of Vamsi and didn’t want her to go for studies further, but to be with his mother, take care of her and all the responsibilities of home. Sarala convinced him and its already time for Vamsi to leave, she is calmly waiting for Sarala to complete the packing, she had packed a lot of homemade Papad, Namkeen, Matthi, Achaar, Ghee etc.

Sarala was restless, Vamsi held her hand and said, Maa, I am not going for forever, relax, sit with me for a while. I will be visiting often on holidays, for all the festivals and long weekends. Sarala said, You take care of yourself there, eat on time and concentrate on studies, we both will be fine here. Vamsi left to board the train with Ashutosh, she boarded the train and bid goodbye to Ashutosh, She sat down on her seat and opened her bag to take out the letters Sarala had written for her. She felt overwhelmed, after reading the letter, Sarala always treated her like her daughter, Loved her from bottom of her heart.

2 years passed, It was time to go back home. Vamsi was restless, had packed her bags, beautiful memories and a beautiful saree for Sarala, she was waiting for Ashutosh. They reached home, Vamsi announced about her first job and gifted the saree to Sarala along with a thank you note, which said – “this could have not been possible without your support, Thank you Maa. This is a small token thanks for you, please wear this on Diwali”. It was a beautiful onion pink silk saree; Sarala left the room without saying anything. It’s been 25 years since Sarala didn’t wear any colour apart from white and cream colours.

“Why would you do that? she has always been your biggest support and have hurt her emotions. I have never seen her wear anything colourful since I was a childhood”. – Said Ashutosh. Vamsi replied- “And you never questioned it? why should she not wear any colour other than these two colours? Have you ever asked her what is her favourite colour”? Ashutosh ended the topic and left the questions unanswered by saying- “let’s not talk about this and I don’t want you to repeat such thing in future or hurt Maa in any way”.

After about a year and a half Vamsi wrote a letter to Sarala and kept it on her dressing table while going to the hospital. It was her expected delivery date, she called Sarala and said, “I have kept a note for you, please read that before coming to meet your grandson”.

Sarala read the letter, The letter said “Maa, You are the strongest person I know. You have always taken care of me like your own child. I don’t like it when you correct me but, I know you are doing so, to make me a better person. And see, you have already bought many changes in me, from a directionless kite to a determined and responsible person. From unnecessarily questioning person to a person who tries to understand the situation and people. I thank you for being who you are, I would like to request you to listen to yourself too. Life has given a second chance to rejoice self. Today is Holi and our little one has decided to come into our lives on this day, on the day of festival of colours, on your birthday. I want you to get back to a colourful life again, not for me but for your grandchild. I have seen your eyes gleaming when you see colourful flowers, and your happiness when you make colourful paintings on white canvas. Can you paint your own life too with beautiful colours in the world. I request you to wear any colour today other than white. Will be waiting for you……… -With Love, Your Daughter”

Sarala wore the same saree which Vamsi had gifted here, beautiful onion pink saree, Vamsi’s eyes welled up, she was overwhelmed, and overjoyed, tears rolled down when Sarala said how are you and where is my second chance, my grandson? She looked happy too, a little conscious but cheerful.

I hope, I did justice in Fiction writing, your thoughts are always welcome. Please share your honest opinion. Do let me know if there is anything I can do to make it better.

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18 thoughts on “HOLI- Colourful or Colourless

  1. Holi marked her life from beginning till the end. Her life changed varied colours but she never gives up. She stays stronger for her family and even tries to be a good mother in law. The values she tried to impart were properly gaining its effect on her family members. Loved the way you highlighted all the facets of her life.

  2. Your storytelling touched me deeply. I felt connected to Sarala’s journey through your words. U beautifully captured the essence of familial love and the importance of understanding and support. Sarala’s transformation from a life of restraint to embracing colors resonated with me. The letter from Vamsi urging her to find joy again was heartfelt. I was moved by Sarala’s decision to wear the saree, symbolizing a new beginning. Keep writing with such depth and emotion.

  3. Dipika Singh

    I loved it! This is a truly powerful person’s story and trust me I know someone who is the real Sarla in my in-law’s ancestral place. A beautiful relationship is portrayed between daughter-in-law and MIL.

  4. Nice gripping narration. Relationships are complicated, unless understood and invested in one.

  5. Ila Varma

    You have encapsulated different shades in the life of a women. Few women are born lucky, maximum goes through roller coaster ride n a daughter understands her mom better when she becomes a mother.
    Liked the script

  6. Colourful, full of love that to between two woman who became the real strength of each other. Loved the holi that shined in your story.

  7. I loved your imagination! The story that started with a small girl of eight years ended when she became a grandma. The theme is treated well and the message is clearly heard.

  8. Zenobia Merchant

    A beautiful bond you have portrayed in your story. Not all mother-in-laws are the villains and they too are humans, with a kind heart and longings just like any of us. It’s so heartening that Sarala in spite of facing the numerous obstacles in her life, never gave up her spirit and love for life.

  9. I was a bit confused in getting the trail of the story with so many things happening in the story.

  10. Life is all about moving and blooming. It’s good to see Sarala being pulled back into a life full of happiness.

  11. What a beautiful story! I envision the widows rejoicing the Holi of Vrindavan after reading your post. I loved how you used the saree to depict that a woman is a reservoir of emotions. So happy for Sarala that she has Vamsi in her life !

  12. Hi, Pooja; that was a colourful story, filled with events and activities celebrating the colour and Holi: well done!

  13. An interesting story tied up with the festival of Holi in more ways than one.

  14. A very heartwarming story. You have beautifully explained the ways in which a woman’s life changes and also how only women can empower women. Well-written story!

  15. This is a heart touching story of MILand DIL. Vamsi realized Sarala’s contribution in her life and her question which she asked Ashutosh was bang on. Sometimes, we just let things flow in the manner they are flowing without raising any questions. I am very happy that Sarala let colors entered in her life.

  16. The story beautifully portrays the journey of Sarala through life’s ups and downs, highlighting her resilience, sacrifices, and the love she shares with her family. Pooja, you crafted a poignant narrative that explores themes of loss, resilience, and the importance of embracing life’s colorful moments.

    You effectively capture the emotional depth of Sarala’s character, allowing readers to empathize with her struggles and triumphs. The evolution of Sarala’s relationship with her daughter-in-law, Vamsi, is particularly touching, showcasing the power of love and understanding in fostering personal growth and healing. Pooja, your storytelling is heartfelt and evocative, drawing readers into Sarala’s world and leaving a lasting impression. The message of embracing life’s colorful moments and finding joy amidst adversity resonates deeply, reminding us of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

    Overall, the story is a heartfelt exploration of love, family, and the transformative power of second chances. Your narrative skill and emotional depth make this a compelling and memorable read.

  17. I loved the way you have portrayed a woman who is apparently ordinary but an extraordinary woman when it comes to find her strength. I love reading about such stories of women from daily life.

  18. What a fine story. You have given a new meaning to daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationship. If they take care of each other, the world becomes such a beautiful place. Vamsi and Sarala made their world so lovely.

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