Strong and Emotional men in my life (Emotional Wellness)

“Emotional Men” sounds wired ? Sounds weak? They are often considered weak, while they are emotionally strong and this make them stand out of the crowd. On this World mental health day let’s talk about emotional wellness of men in our life. Being a Mom of 2 boys I can see all the ignored points of emotional wellness of men and boys.

Emotional wellness is essential for everyone, including men. However, societal norms and expectations have sometimes led to the suppression of emotions in men, which can have a negative impact on their overall well-being. Here are some important considerations regarding emotional wellness for men.

Breaking Stereotypes: This is the most important part of Emotional Wellness. Traditional masculinity often promotes the idea that men should be tough, stoic, and not show vulnerability. Breaking free from these stereotypes is crucial for men to embrace their emotional well-being.

Expressing Emotions: It’s important for men to learn how to express their emotions in a healthy way. This can be through talking to a trusted friend or family, or a therapist, by journaling, or engaging in creative activities like art or music.

Self-Care: Men should prioritize self-care too, which includes getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, and regular exercise. Physical well-being is closely connected to emotional well-being.

Building Support Systems: Having a support network is crucial for emotional wellness. Men should work on building relationships with friends, family, or support groups where they can share their feelings and concerns without being judged.

Mindfulness and Stress Management: Practicing mindfulness and stress management techniques can help men better understand and cope with their emotions. Techniques like meditation and deep breathing can be particularly helpful.

Healthy Outlets: Engaging in hobbies and activities that bring joy and satisfaction can be an excellent outlet for emotions. These activities provide a constructive way to manage stress and process emotions.

Work-Life Balance: Balancing work and personal life is essential for emotional wellness. Men should strive to establish boundaries and allocate time for relaxation and leisure. Taking out some time with family and kids helps in unwinding too.

Communication Skills: Effective communication is key to building healthy relationships and managing emotions. Men should work on their communication skills to express themselves and understand others better.

Self-Acceptance: Learning to accept oneself, with all the flaws is crucial for emotional well-being. Men should avoid self-criticism and practice self-compassion.

Cultural Sensitivity: It’s important to consider that cultural and societal expectations may vary. What is considered acceptable in terms of emotional expression can differ across cultures and communities.

Mental Health: Mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, can affect men just as much as women. Seeking professional help when needed is a sign of strength, not weakness. Therapy and counseling can be incredibly beneficial for managing and improving emotional well-being.

Emotional wellness is an integral aspect of overall well-being for men. It’s important to recognize that acknowledging and addressing emotions is a sign of strength and resilience, and it can lead to a happier, more fulfilling life and a happy, wonderful family too.

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28 thoughts on “Strong and Emotional men in my life (Emotional Wellness)

  1. Sukaina

    Work – life balance indeed should be given priority as many a times we don’t think in that context when it comes to men which should become important.

  2. Men are often considered to be the strongest of all who cannot fall or who cannot get weak at all. However, it’s imperative to respect their need to loosen up, be weak, cry, and share their emotions without being judged by people. They too need an outlet and it helps them deal with life better and with more strength for the family and people related to them.

  3. Sukaina Majeed

    I have noticed in men,they have hobbies but less of friends as they grow older especially in the age bracket of 24-30.I will share this with one of my friends who is battling with lonelliness.

  4. Sukaina Majeed

    breaking stereotypes especially in small towns is integral to mental health of men. I notice this in my conversation with my peers.

  5. I agree with your pov and believe that emotional wellness is equally important for both men and women. I feel that as a society if we have emotionally well people, that would lead to better lives for everyone – present and future and allow for healing to be easier, normalised and nurturing emotions a way of life!a

  6. Prisha Lalwani

    This blog is food for thought. I’ve been with many people in my life and closely observed their emotional journeys. Needless to say about half of them were men. Now as a mom, I want to put in efforts so my children know the what how and why of their emotions.

  7. Roma

    Absolutely right Indian men traditionally have been brought us like that by I am seeing the change in the current generation, tears well up in their eyes easily and like you said it is one step in your right direction for the emotional wellness of boys and men

  8. Emotions and men is still something that needs the be talked. We are wired differently, way we approach might seem different . These tips might be helpful

  9. Men defiantly go through a lot of mental health challenges and emotional wellness in men is ignored. This pseudo macho mentality that is so ingrained in our society kind of makes men feel like less in self worth if they try to even be vulnerable. You have shared really insightful details in creating awareness about emotional wellness in men through your post.

  10. These points are valid, and one must practice them to maintain their emotional wellness. Yes! You said it right: mindfulness plays a crucial role.

  11. Noor Anand Chawla

    To me emotional wellness is applicable to everyone, regardless of their gender, age or situation in life. I do, however, agree with you that men often don’t display their emotional vulnerability very easily. In that context, your post is meaningful.

  12. Such an empowering and insightful post! Breaking stereotypes around masculinity and encouraging emotional expression is essential. Your points on self-care, building support systems, and fostering self-acceptance resonate deeply. Addressing mental health openly and seeking help when needed are signs of true strength. Thank you for shedding light on these crucial aspects of emotional wellness for men.

  13. Your perspective on the emotional wellness of men is truly inspiring. You’re breaking stereotypes, fostering a culture of emotional strength, and promoting healthier, happier lives. Your dedication to nurturing your boys’ emotional well-being sets a wonderful example for all parents. Keep up the excellent work, and here’s to a brighter, more emotionally aware future for your family!

  14. Emotional expressions is equally important to all especially men who are bound by stereotypes like men don’t cry. Expressing less leads to mental health issues and most of the times are left undiscovered. Emotional well-being is the backbone of a happy family.

  15. Men are sometimes unfairly expected to be everything for their families and often end up ignoring their well-being. I’m glad you spoke about how they must prioritise their mental health and not let anything or anyone dictate how they should feel.

  16. Neerja Bhatnagar

    Your insightful and compassionate discussion about the emotional wellness of men on World Mental Health Day is truly commendable. The pointers you’ve highlighted regarding breaking stereotypes, encouraging healthy emotional expression, and advocating for self-care and mental health are vital. Your approach of emphasizing the importance of emotional well-being for men, particularly in the context of societal expectations and cultural sensitivity, is highly appreciative. Keep up the great work in advocating for a more inclusive understanding of emotional wellness for men. Thank you for your valuable insights on this crucial topic.

  17. The impact of toxic masculinity on men is rarely talked about. It is high time we had this conversation. Men are socially conditioned to believe that it is not man enough to display emotions. That they would be considered weak if they talked about their fears and disappointments. You have raised some valid points. I would highly recommend reading Man Enough by Justin Baldoni.

  18. Hey Pooja, this is such an important topic you’ve touched upon! It’s true, that the notion of “Emotional Men” often gets misunderstood or even brushed aside. However, acknowledging their emotional strength is important. Your insight as a mom of two boys adds so much depth. Keep spreading awareness on this. By the way, I too write on this topic, as men’s mental health is not often spoken about. We must keep talking about this more often.

  19. I have seen a depressed father and it was chaotic. His continuous bouts left deep wounds in our home. Your post really helps in sensitising everyone towards the psychology of men and why we must accept that the masculine gender does not have to be strong all the time. They also need time and space to recoup, process and accept. Emotions have not gender and age or caste and creed, they are just there in all life forms.

  20. Emotional wellness is important for all, be it men or women. In our society, woman is considered vulnerable and the man is supposed to be the tougher one. We are not open to accepting men whining over something. This stereotype needs to be changed.

  21. Dear Pooja,
    I am glad that you spoke about emotional wellness in men as very few talk about it. Just like women, there are countless men who are also the victim of emotional distress but they cannot speak up for it and the reason is the society which decided that men cant cry. Emotions are for all and not gender based and so men too have emotions. I want to congratulate you to show the guts to talk about men’s wellness. There are countless women who make their male counterpart emotional victim and play the trump card of they being victim of emotional wellness.

    Love your post and apprciate your opinion on the topic.


  22. Yeah someone told my son the other day not to cry like a girl. I could burn holes in their faces. I told my son that it was okay to cry and he could hug me to feel better until he is done crying.

  23. I agree with every word you have penned down. Men are vulnerable too but are taught that-Boys don’t cry! I have met some very emotional men who are taking steps to better their wellness.

  24. Oh yes! all human beings need to keep an eye on their emotional wellness and that includes men too. What a thoughtful and lovely post.

  25. If we look deeply, men are more distressed than women when it comes to expressing emotions. As you said, the societal stereotype is the major reason why men seldom express their emotions. Anger is the only emotion that they portray as they are trained to think that we should m

  26. All great points Pooja. As parents we can create an environment for young boys to become emotionally mature men. I feel grateful to my parents-in-law for creating such an environment.

  27. That was very well composed Pooja! I too share your opinion that Men primarily are brought up as hunters, givers, and caretakers, and in the process, they forget to take care of themselves, they do not express sadness or fear, they sacrifice sleep and rest for extra work…We still think a man is a sissy if he cries or looks pretty. But I think this helps their mental health.

  28. I personally believe that emotions don’t choose genders to act on. Emotions can be in every person whoever possess some humanitarian characteristics within. And being emotional is absolutely okay, be it for men or women. You have raised a vital point and I liked reading about it.

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