New Mom, New Life, New World

If you’ve just had a baby, and feeling a little too overwhelmed, Hang in there, Let’s talk about it.

If you are a New Mom, you might be probably hearing enough of how this is supposed to be the most wonderful, beautiful time in your life. But, your little bundle of joy can often bring you to tears. The good news is, you’ve got lots of company, lots, as in every mom in the world. OK, maybe there are some quite lucky Moms where babies have a pattern of sleep or sleeps through the night. But literally every other mom on the planet is with you.

So, while you were trying to burp your baby for the hundredth time, I thought, I should pendown some points from past more than 7years of my experience with 2kids for all the new moms out there.

I’ll be cleaning poop for the rest of my life, It’s pefectly fine if you feel so- ‘Well, not in the way you think. Sooner or later, your child will be potty-trained, though there’s likely to be other kinds of crap you’ll have to clean up!’

Expert advice: Our Pediatricians said to start Potty Training only after 24months else it might affect their brain & it’s growth too, so I did the same & got hold of it in 3days. It may feel overwhelming, but soon, your baby will be toilet-trained.

I have to feed the baby day in and day out, I’am feeding the baby 24/7- Yes, you might be feeding all day now but, babies will be able to feed themselves too, right from putting those first finger foods in their mouth to preparing small snacks a few years down the line. Look out for these as they’re big milestones. In the meanwhile, see these ‘chores’ as opportunities for interacting with your baby, they’re better bonding and attachment-building exercises than play. Fathers should be cashing in on this, too. Look at these as a measure of the health as well as growth of your child, one step at a time!

I will never get my old body back!– OK, you may just be right there. Sure, you could lose all that weight and be as fit as you ever were, but it won’t be your ‘old body’. You just made a tiny human, right inside you, so of course everything’s changed and it’s never going to be the same. And if there’s something you just don’t like about your new body, you can blame your child/ren for the rest of their lives, or embarrass the hell out of them at their wedding reception!

On the other hand look at it like this- We all face body image issues- extra weight, stretch marks, bigger breasts, there’s so much to deal with. You can look to other moms for inspiration, as motivation to get back into shape, or to embrace your new body. It’s a very significant stage in your life. You’ve just done something amazing, by creating a baby. Celebrate it! But if you just can’t wrap your head around it, and are really miserable, speak to your doctor or Your Mommy friends, the later one works much better. You may just be suffering from postpartum depression(Yes, it exists, been there)

I’m going to go through my life in fatigue!– Someday, about eight/nine years later, you will sit back and have a decent adult conversation with your partner or even with your own child, or a night out with your friends. Stay strong! Be Practical and Don’t buy into the idea of a supermom, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Reach out, and ask for help. Talk to others in the same boat as you. Get on social network support groups, specially Moms’ or Parenting group. If you can find a real-life support group, with moms who have children the same age as your child, nothing like it. Go out and meet them, your child will get to play with their peer group, while you can talk about your worries, anxieties and frustrations, without any judgement. Find chores that others, your partner or parents or in-laws can do for you, and don’t hesitate to ask. They’ll be more than happy to help, you’ll get some respite, and your child will have more people to trust. It’s a win-win for everyone!

From been-there-done-that Moms, We all will reach there soon,

  • To the other end
  • To a peaceful home
  • To a mess free Room
  • Where babies don’t cry their lungs out
  • Where nobody comes running and clings at you once you are home
  • Where You don’t have to keep checking for pee and poop all day
  • Where You wont be counting number of spoons baby had in a meal
  • Where you won’t be feeding the baby day in a day out
  • Where you can have a decent meal with your family, may be on the dining table
  • Where you don’t stay awake all night
  • Where you don’t have to sleep in same position for hours
  • Where you can hangout with your friends without worrying about your children
  • Where you won’t be cleaning your house in every 2 hours for babies safety
  • Where you won’t call yourself a Mombie
  • Where you don’t have to keep checking for wet nappies and changing them all night

Until then, let’s sail together, help each other or look at each other- feel good and say “I am not alone” And we all can sail through.

 ‘This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla in collaboration.’

51 thoughts on “New Mom, New Life, New World

  1. I could totally identify with this! With a 6-year-old at home, I know that phase does pass!

    • Pooja


  2. Nice post. I am sure a lot of new moms will find it useful and eel motivated if feeling low.

    • Pooja

      Thank You Vasumathi

  3. Lots of information available in your post. Remembering my time when we had to just believe in what people around us say !!!
    Helpful post

    • Pooja

      Thank You Aurora

  4. I’m not yet mom but the questions u told me people ask or things they suggest were overwhelming for me. But the suggestions of pedestrians were really good in here.

    • Pooja

      Thank you Monidipa

  5. This is so motivating for all these newbie moms who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. accept that the change has happened but you can take best out of it.

    • Pooja

      Thank You so Much, Swati

  6. I’m sure new moms will have a lot to takeaway from here as will many older mothers relate. Love what you wrote!

    • Pooja

      Thank You so much, Kashish

  7. It was so lovely to read the post. I am going to share this with my cousin who is expecting soon.

    • Pooja

      Thank You Jhilmil, I hope this helps more Newmoms.

  8. Motherhood is a blissful experience but at the same time new moms have lot of thoughts and confusions. U have covered them beautifully

    • Pooja

      Thanks a Lot Jasmine

  9. OMG…You take me back to my new mom days. I felt everything you have mentioned. Sadly there was no internet and hardly any info.I was 20 and believed the Johnsons baby ads. A mom looks happy powdering her gentle baby’s. tush. I went through postpartum blues which became chronic depression.

    • Pooja

      I can understand how difficylt it must be back then. I wish new parents know certain things before hand so that they can be prepared. Thank you for stopping by and for the comment.

  10. This made me smile. So many memories came knocking back. But trust me, as a mother of teenagers I can tell you, the challenges are different but they are very much there.

    • Pooja

      I so agree with you, I am already feeling like being with a rebel teenager, though he is just 7, I am not sure how shall we go about his rebel attitude and behaviour. Can’t even imagine whats gonna happen few years down the line.

  11. A very honest post, I am sure it would be helpful to new mothers.

    • Pooja

      Thank You Ritu

  12. You have pending your experience in such an expressive way. It will sure help new moms to handle their babies. A better and calm way of handling children leads to good environment in house and you are free to discuss matters jointly.

    • Pooja

      So true, I agree with you, being Calm is really helpful

  13. Your post has penned down the best advise for new mom’s and it is so comforting to know every mom on the planet goes through the same overwhelming notion. I am going to be a mom soon and it was comforting to read your post.

    • Pooja

      Thank you Shail, for stopping by my post And Congratulations for the new and lonest chapter of life- “being Parent forever”. and all the very best for the upcoming adventurous Rollercoaster ride 🙂

  14. How truthful this post is.
    It is something we, mothers have to read. I absolutely loved the content

    • Pooja

      Thank You Sadvika 🙂

  15. Motherhood has become toughest now with the kids at home all the time. Till.then there was atleast some reprieve

    • Pooja

      Very true, Just waiting and hoping for schools to reopen soon.

  16. My grandchildren have almost grown-up but I can relate to your posts. Being a mother is not easy. It is very rewarding though.

    • Pooja

      Thank You so Much Madhuji for your approval. I believe Being a mother is no doubt revarding but, it has always been the most trckiest chapter of ones life.

  17. I don’t have a lot of experience being around babies in the capacity that is the core of your blog, but I like that you have dished out a lot of practical, even factual advice. I wish you the best in your journey as a new mother!

    • Pooja

      Thank You, Nikita

  18. New moms can be full of negative emotions that seem unlikely to others but they’re very real. This post positively highlights that it’s ok to feel so and they’ll pass on with time.

    • Pooja

      Thank you Varsh

  19. This definitely speaks a lot of reality that all. Of us moms face. Moreover it’s a phase and probably over a Period of time we won’t be Ble to experience it so lets soak in this moment

    • Pooja

      I agree Sindhu, it’s a phasea and better to try and soak in the situations.

  20. My cousin sister is expecting. I am going to share this post with her. Very informative for new moms like her. Thanks for this post.

    • Pooja

      Thank you so much, Pamela

  21. Kaveri Chhetri

    totally relate to your feelings… this is very helpful for now moms… n I liked the subtle humor too… nice write up Pooja💖

    • Pooja

      Thanks a lot Kavery:-)

  22. Flavia Cutinho

    It was a nice mom to mom connection. Nice post got back moments of the day 1 mom to present.

    • Pooja

      Thank you Flavia:-)

  23. Have seen my sister and sister in law fo through these. Loved the post, sharing this one with the new momma’s

  24. This post is a must-read for new moms. Being a Mom is very overwhelming, irrespective of whether it is for the 1st time or not. Reading this should boost up Moms.

    • Pooja

      Thank you, Mayuri

  25. This is helpful! My sister in law is expecting so will share these tips with her as well.

    • Pooja

      Thank you Meetali

  26. Ritika Arora

    Just loved every word of it Pooja, so beautifully and aptly penned down

    • Pooja

      Thanks a lot Ritika

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