Being a mother is a blessing which can not be expressed but felt. There is a grey side of being a Mother, especially first time. Many new moms have PPD and don’t even know about it. After first delivery, I used to refrain from going out until it was necessary or a family function. Socializing got eliminated from my life and my child was my world but, there was something to be concerned, everything was not normal, I was not normal, I had PPD which I got know only after 1 year of delivery. The very first thing my gynecologist told me was “START SOCIALIZING” and “DO SOMETHING FOR SELF HAPPINESS” I was not babywearing then and no help at home just got dragged towards PPD.

Happy Baby and so am I

I didn’t know about the benefits of Babywearing then, if I had, things would have been different. Somehow got to know about them during second pregnancy and decided to wear my second baby since initial days. Then started my hunt of the best baby carrier but, the market is flooded with non-ergonomic baby carriers which are neither beneficial for babies nor for wearers, my search ended only when I saw a ringsling from Soul which is an ergonomic baby Carrier. I searched further and decided to get a wrap which keeps baby warm and cozy just like it was in the womb. Bought the same a couple of months before my due date. that was the right decision and I started wearing him since the day I went home from the hospital, later I bought a standard sized fullbuckle from SOUL which you can get here. I wear my second baby every day, most of the time and I am happy with the decision. My Carrier has become my second skin as the baby is Clingy and going through separation anxiety, I do have an older hyperactive child, who needs undivided attention.


Here are the benefits of Babywearing:

  • Babies can be carried for long hours in carriers. No matter how tiny your squish is, you seek help after carrying for a while.
  • Skin to skin contact can help baby stabilize body temperature and improves heart and lungs function.
  • Breastfeeding benefits by promoting milk production and allows breastfeeding on the go.

Nursing in Public, on the Go

  • Helps to take care of other child/ren and give proper attention without leaving the baby down.
  • Newborns need to be carried. Worn babies grow up to be more happy, confident and independent adults.
  • No backache as the weight is distributed evenly hence, Your body will thank you.
  • Cranky or sick baby can be soothed easily in the carrier by snuggling & rocking. Baby feels secure and happy when worn.
  • No tummy troubles as it naturally massages pressure points related to baby’s digestion.
  • Happy caregiver as it initiates release of oxytocin, which promotes mental and emotional well being. Creates confident parents.

Cuddling toddler while back carrying the infant

  • Close physical contact with the caregiver has amazing physical and psychological effects on the baby
  • No seeking help every time to step out of the house, may it be just for a walk, visiting the friend, or anything related to the household.
  • Baby is in ergonomic M-position seat which supports optimal development of baby’s body. Helps promote healthy spine development.
  • The upright position is great for babies with reflux, this position also helps the baby in colic.
  • Allows you to safely go anywhere without being worried about holding hand even in crowded places and public transport

Baby is asleep in a crowded place

To all the moms out there, I want to say, just go get your favorite SOUL carrier according to your and baby’s requirement and comfort. There are different kinds and size of carriers, of different materials, which are completely breathable on Babies can be carried from day 1 up to 4 years old. It is definitely a good investment.

If you need any help regarding baby wearing, just leave a comment below, I will try to help you.

Happy Babywearing


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