Review of a Soul fullbuckle Baby carrier

My Travelling Partner- Writing a review for Serene Standard full buckle carrier, which I got a chance to host in Soul Travel Carrier Program.

Baby is sleeping while being carried, It is Hot, being Summer Noon

Beautiful- I fell for Serene full buckle SSC, the moment I saw it the first time, such a treat to my eyes, It is gorgeous.

Perfect Seat- You get a perfect ergonomic position in Soft Structured Carrier, where baby sits comfortably in ergonomic position forming an “M” position.

Lightweight- It is so lightweight and compact that we carried it easily on our short trip to Agra in Summer.

Breathable- Weather was really hot in Agra when I had to wear my baby and he was happy and even slept off easily while being carried and We enjoyed a tantrum-free trip, thanks to ‘pure cotton’ SSC 🙂

Easy to use- Serene Standard full buckle carrier was easy to wear on the go, In fact, Papa and Chachu were happy to carry the baby on our trip.

Baby is Napping in the carrier at a crowded place

Ease of nursing- I could nurse him easily in full buckle Carrier while being out to meet friends and on our everyday trip to school, to pick up my pre-schooler. I don’t have to look for a place to nurse him.

Natural Fabric- Soul Carriers are made of 100% natural fabric hence, does not cause any harm to wearer or wearee, It won’t emit heat or You will not feel any stiffness while wearing your baby.

Wide Shoulder Straps- The shoulder straps are designed to evenly distribute the weight of the baby and Will not feel the Pain while carrying the baby.

Harmless dye- Soul carriers are dyed using completely baby safe dyes/colors and they are made by underprivileged women.

Helping Hand- I carry my little monster while I am at work, be it writing an article or doing household chores. I don’t have to look for anybody’s help and continue doing my work and soothe him too at the same time.

Taking care of the older child- I can take care of my older toddler, help him do activities while carrying my infant.

Cuddles- I can enjoy cuddles from babies and in fact older toddler or preschooler while carrying as he doesn’t let me cuddle him otherwise.

I want to Thank Soul, for providing us with the most comfortable & safe baby carriers. Thank you for letting me host this beautiful and Breathable SERENE Full buckle Carrier 

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