Those 2 Discarded Chairs……..

Trying another Fiction, Theme being “Shades Of love” Love can be expressed in many ways, Isn’t it.

Shades of love
Shades of LOVE

Ojasvi often feels blue in absence of Nirja, her daughter. She would be lost in deep thoughts of her teen years when she would spend her leisure time in chitchatting with Dhruv in a small coffee shop near their school. They would talk incessantly about everything under the sun. They were together since they were just 16 years old. They looked like a perfect couple until their last conversation, in the coffee shop, Their breakup.

Ojasvi never gave Dhruv the reason behind stepping back….. His Future plans would always have Ojasvi and him together. Dhruv couldn’t even contact her for the explanation he deserved. He Distracted himself, and tried to indulge more towards work, he is one of the best employees. In later years he had tried many times to make a fresh start but, ended up with breakup after a couple of dates. It’s been 10 years and he still misses her, he can’t brush off his thoughts of being with Ojasvi, those memories, chitchatting sessions in that small coffee shop. He simply couldn’t let go off…

Dhruv would try to contact Ojasvi in initial years post their breakup but, failed miserably. Until he spotted Ojasvi with her daughter on facebook in a post by their common friend. That was the day, He decided not to contact Ojasvi anymore, not to create any problem for her. She should be completely indulged in her family.

Dhruv is coming back after 10 years. His eyes are wet, he has an incredible feeling of happiness as well as sadness. Throughout his long flight he is thinking about the day when Ojasvi had abruptly ended their relationship. He still needs an explanation, he deserves it. He has decided to meet her and ask for a valid reason. He knocked the door and it was her, she was surprisingly happy to see him, tears flowing. She said- long time….. would you like to sit on your favourite chair? He nodded thinking, “that small coffee shop still exists?” It was already in not good condition, with some discolored chairs and leaking roof in monsoon. He followed her and was surprised to see those chairs from that coffee shop in her balcony which was otherwise well maintained with some plants and a small table.

They are sitting with their favourite coffee in the balcony like those teen-years.

Where were you? It’s been so many years. Ojasvi asked. Dhruv told her about his work and otherwise lonely life, though he was least interested in talking to her. He asked her straight for the reason behind abrupt separation. She said- Everything was fine until you disclosed about that offer letter. I could see Melancholy in your eyes. I had to step back, It was very difficult for me to cut off all means of contact from you but, I had to do this for you, your hard work. Had I not done this, I knew it would have been difficult for you to leave the country within a month of joining for next 5 years. But It was once in a lifetime opportunity, you could not miss it. I knew, you will return but, you took long time Dhruv, I was waiting for you. It was impossible for me to survive without Nirja, she lost her parents in Flood, then I adopted her legally. It’s only us and those memories which we had created years ago…. Remember these chairs? That small coffee shop? They had to expand and renovate so, threw these chairs out, I bought them here for us. Hoping, we would sit on these “2 Discarded Chairs” again and Chitchat about everything under the sun.

Dhruv didn’t know to be happy or sad. Thinking “I would have never left the country if she didn’t do this, How well she knew about me. We get what we deserve, and We all deserve Love, Unconditional Love and care ”

He thanked Ojasvi and Apologized too and they continued to sit there and converse about everything for life….

Hope you like the story, A Novice Writer here, Trying to weave stories every now and then. Happy valentine’s day to you all……. See you soon in my next post 🙂

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53 thoughts on “Those 2 Discarded Chairs……..

  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    A sweet little tale!

  2. Such a beautiful heart-touching story. The title incites your curiosity, and the story ties it in with everything perfectly.

  3. This is a beautiful story, I can imagine the pain and agony of not knowing the reasons behind the closure. It wasn’t a real closure too, as they both longed for each other. Beautiful.

  4. Parul

    To begin with, your title made an impact on me which made me more curious to read the story. The story on the other hand was weaved in a manner that kept the readers glued and feeling every bit of the emotional rollercoaster.

  5. It’s a beautiful story. Love by the act of sacrifice is a heartfelt gesture.

  6. Sonali Kathuria

    The carefully picked name and the play on those 2 discarded chairs is truly beautiful. time fades everything, even our own memories become hazy but these small items help us recall. Keep writing 🙂

  7. Prisha Lalwani

    I love the title the most. It immediately strikes a chord- read this story- what’s the story behind the chairs. The title is ON POINT for me 😍

  8. I could sense the power of unconditional love in this story. Despite the years of separation and the pain they both suffered, Ojasvi and Dhruv’s love for each other never faded. Ojasvi’s decision to step back from the relationship was an act of selfless love, showing that sometimes love requires sacrifice and letting go. Dhruv’s decision not to contact Ojasvi after seeing her with her daughter was another act of love, putting her happiness and well-being first. Their reunion shows that true love can withstand time and distance.

    Another point that this story teaches is the importance of communication: The root cause of their separation was a lack of communication. Ojasvi never explained to Dhruv why she had to end their relationship, leaving him to wonder and suffer for years. Dhruv’s persistence in seeking an explanation shows how important it is to communicate openly and honestly in relationships. Without communication, misunderstandings and assumptions can lead to heartache and regret.

  9. Loved the way you brought the the two discharged chairs into the story and also gave it importance in the end of the Love filled story.

  10. Yes, sometimes we have to let go of love because of love itself. A nice message is hidden in the story!

  11. Anushka Bhartiya

    A nice short story depicting a shade of love we call sacrifice. For a new writer, it is definitely a good attempt. My only suggestion would be to read more and more so that you understand the structure of a good story. This is a cute one. Looking forward to your next one! 🙂

  12. Sacrifice- an important shade of love. your story touched my heart strings. Very nice flow.

  13. Short and simple, a good one.

  14. Loved the short yet crisp way of writing. Loved reading it all about

  15. Very cute story! You have painted a very sweet picture of the two discarded chairs. I love to read love stories and this one has a happy ending so that makes it my favorite.

  16. Oh, that was a nice story! I really was hooked and read through the end of it. This is quite a typical love story of teenagers growing up and having been brought back to their past. It’s a great read especially for those who love a quick yet lovely story to fell in love with. Amazing writing!

  17. Such a sweet story for sure. But I guess, if they could tell each other about their dreams and visions , they they might keep the long distance relationship and stay always happy together. Trust and honesty is important in any relationship and stepping back is not a solution. If I would be the female protagonist, I might be selfish to sacrifice my love and support him to grow together. 🙂

  18. Now this is such a beautiful shade of love you written about. Love is all about sacrifice and through your story, one can definitely feel the warmth of it.

  19. Such a beautiful story and depicting love as sacrifice for betterment of the other. Glad that they found each other in the end. And bringing in the adoption as another form of love is great too!

  20. Loved this story. So heartfelt. Never I would have imagined Nirja to be adopted and again those discarded chairs. How lovely!

  21. The story was beautiful and well-written. Hoping to read more of such great stories.

  22. Interesting premise! You’ve received some constructive feedback already and I second that.

  23. Nice attempt and i like the fact that you kept it simple. It’s so relatable too, and that is the beauty of fiction.

  24. I must truly admit the story was very nice, I truly enjoyed the read. Its pure love sacrifice very rare to find in true life

  25. It has been a while since I read a fiction piece from you. Discarded chairs is an interesting title for the story. You should definitely write more to hone your craft. Looking forward to them.

  26. Kaveri Chhetri

    awwwww… so sad. But all is well that ends well I guess. For a beginner the plot is very good Pooja n I esp like the title.
    Good luck to you n happy writing!

  27. Nice story. Sometimes love means letting go. I liked the way you used the discarded chairs as a way to bring out the crux of it.

  28. Dear friend first of all please dont call yourself a novice writer as you are brilliant with your pen and emotion. Initially I was also wondering what made Ojasvi step back from this relation… but the reason which came down at the end was not uncommon but beautiful. But these days such scarifies are not see in the relation of love …. even if you ask me what I would have done me if in place of Ojasvi …. then I would have discussed it openly with Dhruv and make out a plan where Dhruv can also pursue his career choices without leaving me back. To me love is togetherness … let the condition be any … we will be together to find a solution to all problems coming in between and be together with love.

    I would like to congratulate you for penning this wonderful short story.

  29. A romance gone wrong and reuniting after years. I love such feel-good romances. I never thought it would be an adopted daughter but that’s what is the twist. Loved it.

  30. This was such a sweet story. Sometimes we assume things but it’s best to talk it out. Who knows what happiness awaits us if we give it a chance.
    Good work for a novice fiction writer. Do try more!

  31. That’s a lovely story. Unconditional love and care, that makes a beautiful love story. Keep writing. Loved this one.

  32. An interesting theme of love that got away being explored. Enjoyed reading it

  33. Anasua Basu

    Your story made me cry. Such love and such pure feelings are of late very hard to find. We can’t ever imagine to give up on things we want and let the other person happy. The part where ojasvi tells the entire story of the separation they had to go through as she wanted Dhruv to flourish made me cry even more.

  34. An absolutely beautiful tale of true love never ends. Love not only means living with a person but also living away from each other because of the same love. If it’s true, it will surely find its way back, like in this story.

  35. Short and sweet story. But you didnt mention when he decided to meet? Because you said, he decided do not meet her. And in next para Dhruv meet her. It was a nice shot. I really love your story. But as a reader I can’t understand that point.

  36. Love isn’t just about taking, its a lot about giving and giving unconditionally. You have portrayed this so well

  37. While we can take in love, giving is what makes that love live on. You have portrayed that so well.

  38. While we can take in love, giving is what makes that love live on. You have portrayed that so well.

  39. Nice backdrop for a short story, using coffee shot as anchor. Love as sacrifice is a shade of love, nicely depicted in your story. After listening to Jyothi Jha, Meenal, Sonal for advise and other remarks from Ujjwal and Swanali, I feel compled to provide some constructive feedback. 1. Applaud your self for writing your first story – getting over the fear is a big step (trust me I know the feeling) 2. Allow yourself to write your first drafts, then review and edit it for grammer. It may take several reviews to get it into a good shape, but this extra step is cruicial. e.g. dialogue in quotes. Overall, the underlying idea for a short short is awesome, keep going at it.

    • Sakshi Bindra

      I applogies for making spelling mistakes, while providing feedback.

      • Beautiful. The story is so touching. Women are depicted emotionally but the girl in the story seems too practical and the adoption of a girl had a glimpse of cuteness.

    • A different shade of love to justify the prompt. You’ve picked a nice theme, good luck with your writing career:)

  40. Era of Illumination

    Nicely written..Short but way good. Continue Writing…

  41. Interesting story. But I feel this ‘hiding our emotions’ business takes a lot of life out of us for no reason. I’m sure if they talked about it, they could find a way around it or she could go along with him or wait for him. Or have a long distance relationship happily. But, well that is my view of how to handle life.

  42. A wonderful tale of true love never holds back and sets free. Both were truly in love with each other to have waited and to know that this would be their ending. The coffee shop and the chairs served as a beautiful backdrop connecting the story from the past to the present.

  43. Love is all about giving and expecting nothing in return and your story floats this message very clearly. Loved the happy ending.

  44. Romila

    This shade of love had a different take and loved the way you attempted the idea.

  45. I did not think the story would end the way it did. Mature and sensible, well written!

  46. I loved the story and it’s resonating style of weaving with emotions that we can relate to very easily. Best wishes to you for your future writing endeavors.

  47. Shilpa B K

    Very short and such a sweet story. Keep writing.. Could imagine the coffee shop and balcony. Very beautifully described 🙂

    • Pooja

      Thank you Shilpa for visiting my site and your feedback ❤️

    • I love to read short stories, and you did perfectly in writing this. It’s truly remarkable how you have revealed yet another dimension of love. Keep writing.

  48. This story has such a deep response, let go to let love. It’s amazing how you have brought out another shade of love.

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