Volatile Life

Tried Fiction storywriting for the first time, I hope, I do justice with the theme ๐Ÿ™‚

The story starts with a couple welcoming home a cute baby girl, her eyes- twinkling & wide open, They named her Binita. Binita was a bright and humble girl, who always had spread charm wherever she went. Other than being good in Academics, She sang well and loved to get absorbed in books. Her Father was a farmer and her mother used to help him in fields and took care of household chores. They wanted Binita to be a Doctor, while she wanted to be a Singer which she never told her parents. She lost her parents when she was 14 and her relatives married her to Aakav from a Zameendar family. Binita has lost all her hopes & interest in sudies and in singing too. Aakav’s little sister and their father were his family, he used to take care of his sister like his mother did, he had lost her when he was a lad. Binita wasn’t as charming or lively as she earlier used to be. One day she found few books in the house and read them all in a couple of days, which Aakav noticed and got some more books for her in a beautifully wraped box for her. She had opened it and got a note saying- “Dear Binita, why don’t you complete your studies and fulfill your parents’ dream”. Her eyes welled up reading the note, she decided to complete her stuties, and she did that by excelling in all subjects, cracked the entrance exam but, life is not always fair, Aakav left for heven and his father wanted his little daughter Chaaya, to get settled and wanted to get her married at the earliest. Binita knew that Chaaya wants to study further. Binita got to know about a Library built by Aakav, the membership cards were made free of cost, He had built this library recently for Binita. Binita assured her Father in law that she will take care of Chaaya and get her married once she will be an adult. Binita discovered new things about herself, she built beautiful bond with Chaaya. Now she wanted to do something for both of them, and built a small school with her FIL’s help. Now she manages the school, takes care of Chaaya and other children like her, who wants to study. Her FIL too left for heven leaving everything in Binita’s name. Few years down the line Chaaya became a doctor and went abroad leaving Binita with the school and her loneliness to haunt her every single day. Binita is still as humble as her name says. She is feeling like an orphan and blank again like she was, when she was 14.

It was really difficult to plot a story on volatile life in less than 600 words. I tried my best to portray a story within the word limit. Hope you like the story as much as I enjoyed writing the same.

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39 thoughts on “Volatile Life

  1. Parul

    Such a beautifully crafted tale. It takes courage to gather yourself and move on in life. You seem to be a pro at fiction writing for the story has the power to leave an impact on the reader for a long time.

  2. I like this short story which had finished in just 600 words. I liked it.

  3. It’s sad but sometimes, this is how life comes full circle!

  4. It takes courage to move on and pursue one’s dreams after repeated losses. Binita is lucky too that she got people who understood and supported her though each of them passed on soon. Good attempt at the story. All the best to your future writing. Btw, I like the drawing / zentangle. Is it your artwork?

    • Pooja

      Thank you Vasumathi.๐Ÿ˜Š Yes, I made this sketch ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Such a beautiful story Pooja. Well written. Congratulations on your first fiction write up.

  6. Well Written! I needed this at the moment to be honest

  7. This was too good for a first timer. Loved reading this

  8. There are so many Binit’s out there in real world. Lovely story and very inspiring how every family should encourage their girl child to do as she chooses and not force her into a marriage.

  9. Congrats on your first story. The narration and plot is the story of most poor women in India. But each one of us has our set of problems. Binita sounds like she is talking from a different era. The new generation is educated and is jumping out of their penury.

  10. Binita’s character is very strong. She did not let her daughter face the same roadblocks she did. Congratulations on your first story.

  11. Binita is truly a remarkable woman who did not let the setbacks hold her back. Congratulations on your first piece of fiction. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  12. Great, first fiction story. Very well written and i enjoyed reading the story of values and purpose

  13. Interesting first take on the genre- keep it up!

  14. Noor Anand Chawla

    Binita’s life seems a true example of the ups and downs of life.

  15. Congratulations on writing your first fiction post. The story shows promise. Keep writing.

  16. Some people’s lives revolve around others and later they realize that others have moved on except them. Very well written.

  17. That doesn’t seem like the first fiction you have emphasized we’ll the theme of volatile lives. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    • Flavia Cutinho

      Waw such a beautiful story. Like soany questions ran tru my mind as to why chhyaa left Binita alone and was it right for her to deserve this kind of life. But then sometimes such tjings happen in real life and no one can do anything about it.

  18. Binita seems to be a perfect daughter, wife, sis in law, daughter in law, more than that a perfect human being trying to help others to fulfil their dreams. Congratulations on your first fiction writing…

  19. Congratulations on writing your first fictional post. We need more women like Binita.

    • It doesn’t look like this is your first attempt. The structure development and character craft are all on point

      • Pooja

        Thanks a lot. That boosts my Confidence ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Binita has brilliantly shaped the future of Chaaya, wish she could also learn singing and fulfill her dream.

  21. I love the emotions carried till the last end. How true is that family do cares for us no matter what

    • Kaveri Chhetri

      Congratulations on your first fiction short story and I must say u’ve managed quite well within the limited #of words. The story was simple and sweet n uv portrayed the theme very well. Way to go!

  22. Yay to Binita for living her dream through her daughter. Truly a remarkable woman. We need more like her.

  23. Good people exist.. Your story proves that.. And it was well narrated.

    • Good that chaaya could fulfill her dream with Binita’s support. But I so wanted to see Binita fulfilling her dream but as we know not every story has a happy ending.

  24. Oh, dear Binita. I feel for her. I hope Chaaya is as sensitive as Aakav and remembers to give Binita company – either physically or virtually and the school students too.

  25. Binita had to see so much loss in her young life… But, such is life.
    Nice to see that Binita is an empowered character.
    Great that she studied, took care of her SIL & FIL, and the library too.
    She stopped child marriage and ensured further studies of Chaaya too- and what’s more ensured that she became a doctor. Hope Binita starts singing & fulfills her childhood dream.

  26. Binita is strong. I’m sure she will overcome this difficult phase of her life.

  27. Inspirational story, keep it up!

  28. Wow, a very nice story of a vivid portrayal of a woman. You wrote it nicely. Kudos to your spirit of trying fiction for the first time. More power to your pen.

  29. Congratulations on writing your 1st fiction. The story of Binita is a story of hope and of never giving up. Very inspiring!

  30. A well-written story. It is difficult to write a woman’s entire life-story in 600 words. Liked it.

  31. What a sad case of life repeating itself. Good tale.

  32. Your story is a beautiful reminder to pursue our purpose even during volatile circumstances! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. The story is really deep. Nicely executed. Good work!!

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