After Fiction Story, I am trying poem, I used to write small poems or quotes since school days. But, they were all kept closed in a keepsake. Trying to get them some light, fresh air 🙂

We all know there are many benefits of carrying babies, and we all do so as long as we can, from being loved, feeling secured to being a confident child.

Have you ever thought why do kids do what they do. I do think, mostly after my little monsters (my sons-RJs) are fast asleep, in fact may be they are halfway on their rides to a beautiful dream, where they can fight with each other without my interruption. 🙂

Here I have tried to express the emotions of a child for his/her mother, why do babies want to be carried, why do Kids want to be with their Mothers always, in a few lines. I hope you like it.

Mai aaya is duniya me tab se
Tune hai mujhe apnaya jab se
Mai yaha kisi ko jaanta nahi
Bus tu hai ek jise mai pehchanta hun

Sabse pehle tumhe hai jaana
Sabko maine tumse hi pehchana
Tu paas nahi to mai adhura sa hun
Teri God me hi to mai poora hun

Tu paas nahi baithi to khilone se bhi Mann nahi behelta
Tu paas baithe to hai har cheez khilona lagta

Khud khaun to khane me koi swaad nahi aata
Wahi jo tu khilade to khane ka swaad hai badh jaata

Koi shaitani kar kisi kone me chip jaun
Jab to aankh dikhaye to daud ke tujhse hi lipat jaun

To kahe soja par mai jagta hi rahun
Raat bhar sahi teri raah takta rahun

Jaise hi tu paas aake let jaye
Ek sukoon sa dil me mere lehraye

Apni Surili awaj me tu gungunaye
Meri ankhiyon me neend bhar aaye

Phir aankh khule tere thapthapaane se
Chehre pe mere badi si muskurahat aaye

Jab tu hanse to lage saari duniya gulabi
Aur jab tu udaas ho to sab kuch hi lage bikhri hui

Dil chupke se kahe- kuch sharaarat to kar
Daant lagane Maa bhaagi bhaagi paas aa jaye….

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva andNoor Anand Chawla

27 thoughts on “Maa….

  1. Prerna

    Very well written in simple words. Could co relate Evey bit of it😍

    Looking forward for new ones.

    • Pooja

      Thanks a lot

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    You have expressed this sweet sentiment very well…

    • Pooja

      Thank You Noor 🙂

  3. What beautiful words. I don’t read much of Hindi, but found your poem extremely meaningful, capturing the essence of motherhood.

  4. That last line…shararat karo taaki maa daant lagane ke bahane paas toh aaye. Nice.

  5. Such a beautiful poem. I read Hindi quite slowly & so had to read it twice. But it touched my heart.

  6. What a sweet poem. I can feel every word of this. Yeah kids love their mother like this.

  7. This poem touched my heart. My mom passes away when I was a teen so I can feel it.

  8. Beautifully penned poem with so much of emotions. And writing for mother is always emotional and touchy.

  9. The love of a mother is unparalleled! Thank you for penning such a heart-touching poem!

  10. That is such a lovely poem about mother and her feelings towards her child. Loved reading it.

    • Ritika Arora

      Beautifully penned down

  11. Thats an amazing one ya. I loved it.
    Conveyed the feelings so on point

  12. Such a sweet poem from a child’s perspective! Your little ones are lucky to have you as your ma. Every line is so true I could feel like it was me expressing my childhood thoughts for my Ma.

  13. Well explained the imotions of babies.
    I really liked you hobby of writing poems and quotes from the school days.A heat touching post indeed.

  14. Such a cute one. I am sure parents of young kids will relate to it. Looking forward to reading more of your writings.

    • Motherhood is the most cherished experience in a woman’s life. You have expressed it so beautifully

  15. Very lovely, thanks for sharing. Great words 🙂

  16. Rekha

    Written from the heart.

  17. Moms are blessings. Since I do not read hindi I’m unable to comment on. Exactly what it means but I’m sure it would be good’

  18. You have expressed so beautifully. I can resonate with your own and every line depicts it’s story. Nice one

  19. Flavia Cutinho

    Feel so touched with the thoughts, beautiful poem.

  20. Mother has always been glorified in poems. But every poem is a glowing tribute to mothers all over. Its a lovely poem.

  21. Kaveri Chhetri

    ❤❤❤so simple and soooo sweet… loved it!

  22. Such a cute poem. I can imagine a young child thinking this. Looking forward to reading more poetry from you.

  23. So beautifully written. Children are vulnerable and defenseless and feel protected in Mom’s arms.

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