The A2Z of Parenting, A- Awareness

First Letter and Word Being, A- Awareness .

While we all want to be a good parent, Let me tell you that one can be a good parent and yet continually make mistakes. We are not perfect, We are Humans, Let’s look at some of the traits I strive toward and want to see our parenting exhibit.

Let’s start with the first letter, A- Awareness.

I believe Awareness helps in solving problems or at least in dealing with the problems. So, One should try to gain more information, specially for parents- Awareness can be of great help. I am a Mother of two and learn from my own experiences as well as others’. I keep myself open to all kind of suggestions, I decide later on to use which one to use and what all to just shrugoff. If I am aware, how a sick child behaves, I will be able to manage those situations in a better way. I wasn’t aware of PPD so had a tough time with it in my PPD days.

With kids- Most important thing is Safety Dos and Don’ts. Kids might look like a small and cute little baby but, they do understand more than what we think. I am mentioning few simple yet important things kids should also be aware of. I explain them how to act if they are caught in any alarming situation, be it a gas leakage, short circuit, earthquake, Power failure, or any accident due to ignorance. If they are aware, they won’t panic and try to act within safety measures. RJ1 used to keep screaming if anybody stood in the middle of road and he saw a vehicle aproaching towards that person, he was of just 29-30months at that time. RJ2- 5 years old, calls me immediately, If I forget to switch off the Iron but, never touches it. RJ1- 7 years old, turns the Gasstove knob off if he sees I am not around and might take time to return to kitchen.

The simplest way for me is to explain them-How things work and what all I do in any unpleasantt or unexpected situations. I explain them what are basic rules of kitchen, using gas stove, Washing machine, handeling hot utensils. I can just go on, I will keep the topic short and simple and let you decide what all safety measures you will be teaching & explaining to kids around you. So, let children be aware of things.

The concept of this post came a while ago as we were on a road trip on our way back to home. While the little one (RJ2) was not well and was sleeping in my lap and the elder one (RJ1) was reading one of his story books. I saw RJ1 trying to keep himself busy while his brother wasn’t playing with him. I jotted down all my ideas in my phone, and I’m finally getting around to bring you those thoughts. I’m sure there are plenty more things we could all add, and I’d love to hear what you would contribute to the list. Further, I want to let you know that parenting is hard, and We do fail Quite often. But, We are the best parent to our Children. 🙂

Writing A2Z of Parenting, each post beginning with the alphabet series, I hope to complete this series. Join me in my endeavor as I bring to you 26 different Blogposts on different Parenting Experience. 

See you in next post with something from letter B 🙂

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.’ 

25 thoughts on “The A2Z of Parenting, A- Awareness

  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    You have shared very practical advice – inform your children of basic practical things that will help them survive through life.

  2. Wonderful awareness as parents and accepting the fact that we are not perfect but we learn to better with each day is a must for every parent out there.

    • Pooja

      Thank you Sivaranjini❤️

  3. Kaveri Chhetri

    I like your Idea Pooja… A to Z of parenting… its awesome. And what uv covered in awareness is also very useful and helpful…. keep them coming👍

    • Pooja

      Thank you Kavery❤️

  4. I started AtoZ times but couldn’t complete. Yes , second time was better than first. Always a challenge to write every day. But , it is good to points as and when it strikes our mind

  5. I feel so proud of bloggers when I read such profound posts that are equally informative and enriching. The way you have described the usefulness of spreading awareness in childhood, it’s incredible. More power to your motherhood Pooja. Your children are very cute.

  6. I am super excited to read them all.eagerly waiting to read

  7. Kavita Singh

    I absolutely agree, that creating awareness among small kids is a must to make sure that they can face difficult situations with ease. Loved reading the post 🙂

  8. Parenting is difficult but since we do it with love things will turn out alright. Your post is helpful to those of us who have some self doubts. It’s sheets hog that children know and learn about safety.

  9. That’s great! I will read your posts and book mark them. You have illustrated some great tips. A kid that small is turning of the gas stove and not touching a hot iron is really fantastic.

  10. You have chosen the perfect word for the post – Awareness. Kids need to be made more aware of the dangers and how to tackle them without being overwhelmed. Looking forward to the series.

  11. Aptly pointed out. Parenting is a forever learning curve. Very well written.

  12. I wish we had parenting blogs when I had my kids. It was such a tough time for me. I was a mom at 20 and didn’t know how to manage. I am sure your tips will be really useful for new moms.

  13. Agree. It’s important to teach our kids how to handle alarming situations. Teaching them some basic skills according to their age is necessary.

  14. This is a great series to start with- Awareness is so important! I love your blog and recommend it to my sister in law who has a three month old. Thanks for sharing

  15. Nice practical tips. Thanks for sharing.

  16. This is such a helpful article. Will be sharing this with my sister. Thank you

  17. Kids are more intelligent and perceptive than we give them credit for. I love how you have explained to them to manage difficult situations so that they don’t panic. God bless them.

    • Pooja

      Thank You Madhuji 🙂

  18. Yes, awareness is very important. It should be instill as early as possible because once your kids grow above 10 yr. they are more like to behave on their way. Not ready to listen and pretend as they know everything. You explain it very well.

  19. Glad I came across this insightful post on awareness thanks for sharing this.

  20. Very well written post Pooja. I just loved it. Keep writing and keep shining.

  21. Flavia Cutinho

    Awareness is a very big word size wise also and responsibilities wise as well😁, definitely it has more to it. I’m waiting to see watz on B

  22. Trust me, your post is really detailed and helpful for all the parents out there.

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