The A2Z of Parenting, B- Betterment

Let’s move further in A2Z of parenting. Second Letter and Word Being, B-Betterment

Let’s accept it, We all want to be the best parent but, getting better is definitely difficult. Sometimes we don’t exactly know, where to start and what to change to make ourselves better. But, Change is the only constant thing. We all change with time and do feel ‘I am much better than some times ago or say a couple of years ago’. Awareness and flexibility help us getting better.

With Kids- We all want them to be better everytime they do something be it crawling, running, painting, studies or playing any musical instrument. So, what do we do is, we appreciate kids first for what they have done, for their attempt and tell them only one point to make it better. so, this way their confidence is boosted as well as they know that they can do it better than the present outcome. And they do try to use that trick or tip and make it better.

For Betterment, Appreciation as well as a tip/trick helps, both in balance, neither of these should be more, because kids get overwhelmed with both be it appreciation or improvement and it can backfire, so I try to be careful to put these in right quantity ( mostly in same ratio).

Let’s make this generation better, Let’s make this world a better place to live, all we have to do is small contribution. 🙂 I’m sure, there are plenty more things we could all add, and I’d love to hear what’s your take on betterment. I want to let you know that parenting is hard, and We do fail Quite often. But, We are the best parent to our Children. 😎

Join me in my endeavor as I bring to you 26 different Blogposts on different Parenting Experience.

See you in next post with something from letter C 🙂

RJ1 drew this kind of picture for the first time.
Clicked this When My 7years old son drew this kind of picture for the first time and had started colouring it.

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25 thoughts on “The A2Z of Parenting, B- Betterment

  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    I like your positive approach to parenting!

  2. Nice post. Totally agree with you as parent we have to be careful while appreciating or improving our kids. Beautiful drawing.

  3. Kavita Singh

    Being a parent, quite a lot of things change around us and we change for the better too. Teaching kids compassion is a must, loved reading your post 🙂

  4. What an interesting series this sounds

    • Pooja

      Thank You Neelam:-)

  5. Kaveri Chhetri

    I already like your blog idea pooja and I think I said it last time too. I do agree with your thoughts in betterment… we have to subtly make our kids understand that they can do much more. And noy only them, betterment applies to everyone… all of us r forever striving to become a better friend, parent, partner, daughter, sibling and overall a better human being.

    • Pooja

      I agree with you Kavery, Thank you so much for you time on my post 🙂

  6. We have to give a lot to new generation so that they are prepared for their future in all aspects physically , emotionally and mentally

  7. To give children a better world we need to show compassion. Your post is truly thought provoking.

    • Pooja

      Thank You Monidipa 🙂

  8. Whether we are great parents or not it doesn’t matter as long as we are trying our best to be good parents. We all want to improve and how great if we can make our kids better people than we are!?

  9. That shows you are a parent who takes care of appreciation and improvement of your child in the right balance to bring them to be great citizen of tomorrow.

  10. Agree with you that there needs to be a balance when it comes to appreciation. All parents want their kids to do better. But high appreciation for the smallest wins would make them complacent.

  11. This is so essential and true- our children are the future and we need to equip them with the tools to make the world a better place

  12. Your post is very important for the parenting.
    Your theme is too’s a necessary for young parents like me.

  13. I can resonate to each and every point here. Make this place a better one for next gen. Being a better person than who I was yesterday helps me

  14. You are absolutely right. Appreciation should be in balance or the kids get confused. Honesty is important too.

    • Pooja

      You are right Madhuji 🙂

  15. Thought provocative post. We should always try to better ourselves or else we will stagnate and never grow.

    • Pooja

      Thank You 🙂

  16. To make better place for our next generation we have to instill kindness, compassion and love in our children. Then only they have the better world for them. Like the way you explain.

    • Pooja

      So true

      • Flavia Cutinho

        Betterment is required each day is a new way how can we change to be a better person and how can we help our little ones to be better in future.

      • Betterment comes with encouragement. When you appreciate your kids effort in doing anything they get encouraged to do better. Your kid is very sweet!

      • To strive to be better should be a constant aim..well said.

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