The A2Z of Parenting, C- Consistency

Moving further in A2Z of parenting Third Letter and Word is C- Consistency

Consistency – Kids need to experience consistency. They need consistency in our relationship, a rhythm to life and in discipline. They need to know our expectations and know the consequences of their actions. They need us to follow through on our words.

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I believe Consistency builds confidence too. When we are consistent and keep practicing, we do it better, it can be any skill, it builds confidence in us. So when we help our children be consistent we are gifting them confidence.

“Today’s consistent children will be confident adults tomorrow” We always try to be consistent and tell our kids too to do the same.

Do share in comments on How do you help your kids or yourself be consistent. 🙂

RJ1 Made this windmill from scratch, without any help 😊

Writing A2Z of Parenting, each post beginning with the alphabet series, I hope to complete this series. Join me in my endeavor as I bring to you 26 different Blogposts on different Parenting Experience.

See you in next post with something from letter D 🙂

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