The A2Z of Parenting, C- Consistency

Moving further in A2Z of parenting Third Letter and Word is C- Consistency

Consistency – Kids need to experience consistency. They need consistency in our relationship, a rhythm to life and in discipline. They need to know our expectations and know the consequences of their actions. They need us to follow through on our words.

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I believe Consistency builds confidence too. When we are consistent and keep practicing, we do it better, it can be any skill, it builds confidence in us. So when we help our children be consistent we are gifting them confidence.

“Today’s consistent children will be confident adults tomorrow” We always try to be consistent and tell our kids too to do the same.

Do share in comments on How do you help your kids or yourself be consistent. 🙂

RJ1 Made this windmill from scratch, without any help 😊

Writing A2Z of Parenting, each post beginning with the alphabet series, I hope to complete this series. Join me in my endeavor as I bring to you 26 different Blogposts on different Parenting Experience.

See you in next post with something from letter D 🙂

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21 thoughts on “The A2Z of Parenting, C- Consistency

  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    Interesting… I’ve never thought of consistency as an essential of parenting but I like your point of view.

  2. Completely agree 👍 I can see the confidence in each of his step.

  3. Kavita Singh

    Consistency indeed is an important factor when it comes to building healthy habits in kids. Setting up a routine and following it religiously helps the parent and kids both in the longer run 🙂

  4. Teaching children consistency is a must thing. It helps build their patience.

  5. Consistency is the way to sure shot success. It may not come early, but it comes for sure.

  6. Truly agree consistency is the key for anything. And in parenting it plays an important role.

  7. Consistency is key in every relationship, especially on with children. It’s also a great way to teach them its importance for later in their lives.!

  8. Superb post… agree with you that consistency in parenting is tough yet a must thing and is possible too.

  9. Consistency is so essential to a child – it showcases stability which is what they need to feel comfort and love

  10. Consistency and discipline are necessary, particularly when it comes to kids because they are highly impressionable. Loving the series.

  11. Your posts are helping me build up a map for the upbringing of my kid. We are still in the planning phase but blogs like yours help a lot. Waiting for the next alphabets.

  12. It’s really commendable that you were able to write 26 posts on parenting! Some of these are core values that we definitely need to teach our kids!

  13. Kaveri Chhetri

    Consistency… sounds easy but quite difficult to implement as we falter on our own words most times. Your posts make me think Pooja and I get into this contemplation mode about the kind of parent I am. It is good in one way😊

  14. I completely agree. Consistency outweighs most of other skills. You can suck at something and still make more out of it with consistency as compared to someone who is gifted. The biggest example of consistency is seen is sports with MS Dhoni and Ronaldo. Both players practicing their way to world fame!

  15. Consistency comes with a regular routine. We would never diverge from bedtime, waking up time, eat or playtime. Even my grandsons know their screen time. otherwise, we just cannot be consistent and kids take that to be the norm.

  16. Flavia

    Ur right todays consistent children will become confident adults

  17. Consistency is very important. Children need to understand that they would be pulled up when doing wrong each time. I am enjoying the series and it reminds me of when my kids were younger.

  18. Yes.. you are right. Consistency and confidence is important for children.

  19. Yes it’s true.consistency=confidence.this is very important habit we can say which is going to be a great factor in their life.

  20. I agree consistency bring confidence. Our kids need to be more confident. If we instill the habit as early then we will have a confident kid.

  21. Yes thays something i lack. I do different things everyday. Never the same things.

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