Self-Care Habits

We all need Selfcare, even mothers who are busy with their kids most of the time either trying to feed them or cleaning them, and the little free time they get is spent in detecting/searching about the milestones or behavioral changes of children, while completely ignoring their own sleep. Self-care is the individual practice of health management without the aid of a medical professional. These are some easy SELF-CARE Methods to be included in our daily life.

1. Exercise

It doesn’t require a heavy marathon movement at the gym. Taking care of our body is as important as taking care of our mind and soul. Commit to making time to do your squats or a 30 minutes’ walk or a few sets of Surya-namaskar or other Yoga Asanas.  My favorite is Yoga for an hour which I had started in 2008, I might not be a pro but, have been consistent since with a few get aways and next favorite is walking for an hour.

2. Healthy Food

Eating is self-care? Yes mindful eating is. Love your body by nourishing it with right food, and mindful intake, without any distractions, have any of your favorite food at least once in a few days. Have a cup of Tea, Coffee, Dalgona, Green tea or any other fluid you like.

3. Good Sleep

When it comes to sleep, it is suggested to get away from things that interfere with high-quality sleep, such as lights, screens, and drinking too much of fluid before bed. Try to take light dinner, adding things that aid quality sleep are helpful too, which improves the immune system, and the better sleep the less inflammation we have in our body.

4. Mental Self-Care

Take a break once in a while to recharge yourself- Listening to your favorite music, Read a book, Listen to a podcast, Do things which makes you happy. Reflect on things you are grateful for.

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5. Alone Time

We all need time to recharge and rejuvenate ourselves. You know you need it, but somehow you give ample reasons of not finding that 10 minutes to yourself, it would be better if it’s for an hour but, if one can’t manage that, start somewhere. Give yourself the love of your time “ME TIME”  Self-care is an appointment with yourself – Means you should not avoid, like you wouldn’t miss your professional commitments.

6. NO

If you don’t feel like attending an after-party, please listen to your inner voice. You can definitely be polite and say NO. By saying ‘no’ to others you say ‘yes’ to yourself. Learn to say YES to yourself, prioritize your being, understand your feelings and never be afraid to choose your mental well-being over anything in the world.


Whenever stress overwhelms you remember to breathe. Self-care is to know you are alive and breathing. Let your deep, long breaths remind you of being alive and the hope that resides in being alive. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Say to yourself: Things will be fine. Yes, it will be.

8. Spiritual Self-Care

Praying,  Connecting with nature and Meditating is another way to connect to self, feel relaxed and calm both physically and mentally and be grateful for what we have and where we are.

9. Socializing

Being with family and friends, spending time enjoying the presence of people you like and love is the kind of social support that is not attached to an agenda or need, has been shown to be a key health-promoting factor. We all have few friends or at least one friend with whom we can be ourselves, do anything, talk about everything. Who accepts us with all our flaws without judging at any point. Bingo! just hangout with that friend often or Call and feel rejuvenated after that long conversation.

10. Dating

Having like minded, non judging Mommy friends is like, finding BFFs. Hanging out with those friends, spending some quality time together without kids is nothing but, “Dating again”. Our Dates are usually going on walk together and Morning Tea/Coffee dates while our kids are still asleep.

Would love to know about your way of Taking a break or your favorite self-care method.

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25 thoughts on “Self-Care Habits

  1. Yes, these points are like mantras for self-caring and maintaining the mental and inner peace. Out of all, Meditation is mandatory.

  2. These habits are great for self care as well maintaining good health and sanity. We definitely should work on ourselves first, only then will we be able to provide the best for our family and dear ones.

  3. Hi Pooja, welcome to Blogaberry Dazzle! I agree with all your self-care tips and especially appreciate the point about mindful eating!

  4. Prerna

    It was so relatable and good..
    And few were very helpful, started applying ME TIME 😊

  5. That’s a lovely post. Self care is much needed to maintain our sanity. Agree with every points mentioned here.

  6. avni

    Spot on for the present

  7. One thing that pandemic has taught me: self care is bae! And a lot of people don’t understand the importance of alone time! My friends and family would judge me if I would want some time for myself. However that’s a very intricate part of my routine.

  8. Self care is very important. I recently underwent a series bad health issues and in the middle of one such crisis the doctor told me unless you look after yourself how will you look after the others in the family a little me time is very essential. You have covered all the points that the doctor advised me.

  9. Beautiful article on self-care! Women, especially mothers forget to look after themselves that results in early ageing in most of them. I can see that times are changing towards better self-care habits among women.

  10. Mehul Kaku

    This post is a complete package about self-care. Will share this with friends.

  11. Though not a mommy myself, I completely agree with all the points as it these are crucial for self care for everyone. Especially, exercise, sleep and correct eating can help one stay healthy in the long run.

  12. Ghazala Naseem

    You have covered all points nicely ☺️
    Me time is very important .
    Prayers heals us
    And taking care of ourselves is much needed one 🙂

  13. The lockdown made us realise that we all needed self care no matter who or where we are. I’d really love the forms you’ve mentioned so people can pick what suits them

  14. Simple but work well, A very helpful post if we follow it well.

  15. Your pointers are ll fantastic but when life serves you a curveball twice then the whole world comes crumbling down. I was doing all that you stated after my husband passed except the dating part. But now my young son passed away. How can I get back to leading life normally?

  16. Very well written post dear and very nice and practical tips given here will surely help many. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post.

  17. Yes, we mothers really need to pay attention towards self care. I am very careless about sleep and then tend to become irritating. Will develop a good sleep habits.

  18. Loved your post. Self care is extremely important especially for mothers. We cannot take good care of our kids if we don’t take good care of ourselves first. We all need a break.

  19. Self-care needs to be a priority for all of us, even if others call it selfish. You have shared great pointers. We are all well aware but rarely do implement them.

  20. Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay

    Yes, it’s very important to take care of one’s own well-being. It not only makes you stress-free and relaxed, but improves your physical health as well.

  21. Suhasini I.P.

    Self Care is more important and has become a highly discussed topic during this pandemic. You have covered all the points in this post Pooja

  22. I am trying to fetch my life again with these points as last year was a mess and this time when everything is back to normal I am looking forward to starting a new chapter.

  23. Thank you for this reminder! Every thing goes for a toss when the kids are small and dependent on you. Especially if you don’t have support at home.

    I like the idea of doing Surya namaskar s or squats or a 30-min walk. Even a little bit of movement daily is helpful.

  24. Beautifully written post! Self-care is important for everyone and we must indulge in it with no guilt. Thank you for this wonderful post! Keep writing!

  25. Such a well-written post, Pooja. We can never have too many reminders that point us towards self care.. I love that you have added Spiritual Self-care to this list. Love your pic too.

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